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Hi There!


I am having a problem getting my desktop photoshows to appear on my member page.. I checked the filed size (22Meg), checked my membership status (premium), checked login information (stored - doesn't ask me to input it ) used the "Post to my member page" button to no avail.


I have posted one back in June with no problems (approx. same size file)... Did something change that I am missing???


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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What version of PhotoSHow do you have/are you using? Version 6 or Version 5 or something else?


If you are working with version 6, re-download it from your members page and reinstall it. There is no need to uninstall what you are using now.


Usually issues with uploading a PhotoShow are related to audio. What kind/amount of music files are you using? Are you using any videos as part of the PhotoShow?


There is no practical size limit. The limt is applied to video size and how many images in the PhotoShow. I thnik that is around 400.


When you go to upload, what happens? Are you getting an error message. Have you tired to upload it again? Please answer the questions.

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I am using 6 (I will try your suggestion) as for the other questions, it only contains 33 pictures with one song, no video and the only difference from the last one is that I used one of my own songs from iTunes (MP3 requirement).


I have not rec'd any error messages; it goes through the whole process of uploading (takes about 5 minutes) showing the % complete, etc.. and I have UL it at least a dozen times... I will download and install again to see if that solves my problem (not sure how since it worked before). I will let you know if re-installing helped

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