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I burned a few favorite family films onto a dvd using Roxio

There were 3 menu pages required

At the bottom of each page there were arrows going forward to the next or bacl to the previous

On page 2, however, as soon as the arrow is highlighted, and prior to actually being clicked, the next page is automatically called


How can I change this?


When creating the pages, the box that says "Activate on selection" is not selected


Is this an error in the program?

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First get a couple of good quality RW discs to play with.


How much (in time) are you trying to get onto a disc. If you go much over one hour for a single sided disc, then the quality goes down. As you go closer to 2 hours, then strange things start to happen.


If you still have the project on your computer, in Create DVD, make sure you have selected best quality. Double check the settings for each menu page. Instead of burring directly to a DVD, burn to an ISO file. Once that is done, use the free VLC player to preview the ISO. An ISO is an exact image of what will be burned to the disc. If everything looks OK, use "Burn Disc Image" to the disc; use the RW disc. Look at the options and if you have a choice, select a slower burn speed than the max.


See if that menu works properly. If so, burn the same ISO to your good quality DVD disc. Note that creating an ISO (or folder set) is a great way to make multiple copies. It is also a good trouble shooting tool.

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It would really complete the 'picture' if you would provide a screen cap that shows the Settings when the button is selected in the MyDVD interface:






Does it behave this way when you run the MyDVD Preview too?


Info on posting pictures on the board is - HERE


That should give us enough to come up with a solution for you ;)

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Thanks for the replies.

Used 190 out of 223 minutes on an 8.5 gb dvd

(Have to recheck the numbers)

I did burn it as an ISO, and will check the behavior and report back.


Well that is most of your problem!!!


You crammed 3 Hr 10 min onto a disc that only holds about 2 hours :o


The result is the mbps has to be lowered so low that your Player is having trouble reading it!


Figure 1 hour for 4.7 DVD's and 2 hours for an 8.5!


Violate the rule at your own risk ;):lol:^_^

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