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Multiplexing Issue



Running 10.5.8 Toast 10.9. I have been using my eyetv hybrid for 5 years to record tv shows, football and have successfully burned blurays. I use the eyetv editor to remove commercials.


I was trying to burn a bluray with the following specs 1280x720 59.94 bit rate 9.97 5.1dd. 15.81gb

3 hrs 30 min/ I did not edit anything.



1. Media browser. eyetv, select title.

2. drag image on background.

3. settings are mpeg-4 avc,custom, aver bit 8, max 16, half pel, never re-encode.

4. I always save as disk image.


As always, since eyetv files are mpeg-2. It will immediately multiplex, fill ram, then write, lead-out.

That is not happening. It will progress 100% through the multiplexing, then immediately show 0% multiplexing and hang, I try to force quit, but to no avail. I have to power down.


my other attempts include the following.


1. Setting video format to mpeg-2- Same result.

2. Export program stream from eye-tv - Same result.

3. Edit commercials out 2hr 30 min 11.8gb- Same result.

4. MPEG Streamclip using prev.- no time code breaks

5. Split #3 into 2 clips 5.23gb&6.26 burned seperately- burned successfully.

6. Dragged both clips into toast- same result as 1-4

7. tried #3 no title- same result.


Any suggestions?

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Thank Toastee


I write the files to an external firewire drive with plenty of space to spare. 2GB RAM never needed more. 07 macbook with 4GB but only 3gb available, so I just make do. I have burned on average 12-20 football blurays from 2hrs 10m to 3hrs without a problem.


I also used MPEG Streamclip to demux the mpg file to an m2v and ac3 files. and dragged them into toast. I was happy when it completed the toast image file without error. But my happiness was shortlived as the verbatim bd-re had a medium error. I then erased the bd-re and burned a data file without error. It is really strange that when I split into 1st half & 2nd half and burn to 2 bd-re without any problems.


I just tried a 2hr 43 m eyetv file that was burned 2 years ago. I get the same lockup. I also forgot to mention that I trash my plist and prefs in between each attempt. I only have my toast 10 install. so no other versions to test on. I May have to revert back to 10.0.

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Sorry, but I don't know what is causing this. It seems to be happening only with the longer videos. You've tried everything I can think of. Maybe more RAM would help but I don't know that it will. I doubt if reverting to 10.0 will be beneficial. If you do that, you can keep 10.0.9 on the Mac as well. Consider downloading Rember and running its RAM test.

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Thanks for the suggestion on Rember. Ram passed with no errors. Trashed 10.09. Reinstalled. 10.0 burned all my videos no matter the length without any errors or lockups. I will test on a variety of projects. I believe I was able to burn BDMV folders under 10.09.

Very strange. I'm glad you found a solution.

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