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I am the videographer for a high school football team. I record each play and pause the recording when the play is dead so I have ~150 "movies". I am trying to convert the AVCHD video from my camcorder to DVD format. I can upload the "movies" to the source window but when the file is converted, the DVD player only plays the first movie, it kicks the DVD out when that "movie" is over. Any ideas?

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No idea at all since you have given very little information on what you are doing exactly.

How are the "movies" getting from the camcorder to the hard drive? What do you mean by "converted"? How are you creating the DVD?


Please give some details on what you are doing.


Thanks for the reply. I ran Copy and Convert Video, clicked on MOVIES under Add Source:. I tried taking the "movies" straight from the SD card. When I clicked on Go, the DVD started burning. I put the DVD in the DVD player and the first movie played then kicked out the DVD. So then, I copied the movies to the hard drive by dragging and dropping, then I ran Copy and Convert VIdeo and brought in the movies from the hard drive but I got the same results.

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Jack oops I mean Bob. Just to make sure we are on the same track, do you have the stand alone version of the software where you posted or is the VCC part of one of the Suites like Creator 2010, 2011, 2012, NXT?


These are the current Roxio/Corel offerings. Which of these do you have if not one of the above.


This section is for an older versions of Roxio programs and may be significantly different than the current version.

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