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Limitations On Capture From An Hd Dvr?



I need a capture device for an HD DVR. If this device will do it, the price is great and I prefer Roxio over many of the other brands available. I'm assuming it will work fine with component video but I would really prefer HDMI. There is obviously no HDCP built into this so HDMI will not work with premium channels. Anybody know if HDMI will work with local or basic channels on a DirecTV HD DVR?

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Has anyone done any further testing using the HD Pro to record from an HD DVR using component cables? This thread hasn't been replied to in a while so hoping someone will have done a little more testing since then.


I'm about to bite on the HD Pro... but my needs are about 50% game capture (Xbox/PS3/Wii) and about 50% HD capture from my DirecTV HR34 (HMC).


I understand I will need to use component cables to skirt around the HDCP issue... that's no problem... but I just wanted to see if anyone can confirm that it works before I buy the product. If anyone can confirm it works, was the quality up to par with that from game consoles?


I'm debating between this and the Hauppauge PVR 2 Gaming Edition. The cheaper price and (seemingly) better editor for Roxio grabs my attention... but I like that on the product info for the PVR 2, Hauppauge explicity states that it will work with a cable or satellite box. Makes me feel better knowing I can call on their tech support if it doesn't work. :)



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I'm going to say yes.


I have an HR34 and tried it real quick.


I set it up Component out of the HR34 to the device and USB to the PC.I didn't connect an out from the device.


I tried a couple of different channels (TBS,ESPN and HBO) and was able to capture on all 3 channels.

I was also able to capture something from my Playlist that I had recorded to the DVR.


That being said I can't say that it will work in all circumstances nor am I sure that it is totally legal to do.

What I can say is what I tried worked.

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