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Not Enough Disk Space



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I believe that you posted in the wrong part of the forum. What version of "Creator" do you have e.g. Creator NXT, Creator 2012, Creator 2009. or an earlier version such as Easy Media Creator or one that came with your computer such a with a Dell Creator 10.3DE?


You can put one hour of best quality of video on a DVD as long as it is in the proper format (mpg2). If it is a compressed format, then you will not be able to put that much on a DVD assuming that you want to play it with a DVD player.


How much free space do you have on your system drive. The program makes a temporary copy and needs a lot of free space.


Please provide this information and attach the file. dxdiag.exe (link)


How much computer experience do you have? We don't want to talk over your head nor be too detailed if you have experience.

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Bonnie, You are never too old to learn and besides you already spent the money. If your age is close to what you have in your signature, then I should be SteveK (almost)70.


Again, we must know what you have so we can help.


Start with these tutorials (Link) by karri. They cover the basics of using Edit Video Advanced (Video Wave). They are very basic and do tell you how to make a good slide show with Creator. Also look at the resources page in that site.


YouTube will give you even more information.


You can also read this about work flow strategy. There is a lot of good information about creating a playable DVD (on a DVD player).


Take your time, we are patient and willing to help.

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This is my first time with Roxio Creator. My problem is that it won't burn to disk because it says I don't have enough space. The DVD is 4.7 GB, the project says 304.6 Mb and the free space is 4395.4 Mb.




4395 MB is way too little free space to be making video DVDs. The process makes lots of temporary files, as Steve said, and you often need twice as much free space as that for this job.



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