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I bought Roxio Creator NXT for an initial purpose. I am recording 1 hour video conferences from a video endpoint (Lifesize room system) and these are recorded to an appliance called a LifeSize Video Center. The native file is .mpeg4


A 1 hour session in .mpeg4 is 240 mgs. I need to use the software to trim this down and I want to retain the file in its native format. How do I do this?

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IF by "trim it down" you mean cut out some of the material, VideoWave (Edit Video-Advanced) would be ideal AND if you can use a WideScreen Project you will even find a 'Same As' output options ;)


Another useful application that might be less intimidating to start with would be Video Copy and Convert.


In VCC, you pick the output you want by device and it does allow for multiple edits to cut out unwanted portions... It is a little harder to use for long clips but less scary to look at :lol:


Keep in mind that both of these really depend on the actual format of your source files ! You can check that with either Windows Explorer:





OR even within Roxio:





Let us know that info and any other specific questions you might have...

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