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Creating Hybrid Mac/win Discs In Toast 11

Alex Morris


Hi there,


The most recent update to Toast 11 appears to have removed certain functionality that was important in my workflow of creating cross-platform CDROMs.


Beforehand I would use the program 'DMG Canvas' to create a Mac DMG file which contained the Mac files I needed for the CDROM and the shared Windows/Mac resource folders/files. I would style this, once again with DMG Canvas, to lay up the background image, files and make the DMG file 'auto-open' when the image was mounted.


I would then use Toast to create a Custom Hybrid PC/Mac image, first selecting the PC only files with the ISO selector and adding (from the mounted DMG) the shared files. Finally I would select the whole DMG as the Mac side of the disc and burn.


This would give me a disk which, on insertion in a Mac, would open up a pretty, styled Finder window containing the Mac app and shared components and, if put in a Windows machine, would use an autorun.inf file to open the Windows application.


If I use Toast 11 in this process now, although the files all appear to be in the correct place on each disk, the Mac side refuses to honour the auto-open command present in the Mac DMG (given by DMG Canvas), so when you put the disc in the Mac, it mounts, but you have to navigate to the folder within the Finder, and by doing so lose the styling, layout and background image.


I realise that 'Custom Hybrid' is a legacy format for Toast and, as so, is probably no longer supported past offering it as an option to old duffers like me ;-), but the newer 'Mac and PC' alternative option doesn't appear to allow for styling the layout on the Mac side past a custom background image and icon. I can't see any way to choose, for example, how large or where the icons should appear on the styled background.


As a final thing, I used to find the ability to select (and copy to a text file) the disc's file layout information on the PC side using the 'Custom hybrid/Select ISO.../Layout' button incredibly useful when handing my clients a disc contents list. Since the update to Toast 11, whilst I can select all the file folder structure from here, I can't copy it without getting an error sound - so therefore have to rely on other third party products to produce lists of the disc's file and folder structure. It seems strange that this functionality has been removed on the last update.


Does anyone else have any success (or cunning alternative methods ) of making cross-platform disks with Toast that not only automount, but also open the prettified DMG window successfully?


Thanks in advance



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Just found this from a few years back:



Which suggests building the autoopening dmg in Toast, then customising in Finder before using this for the Custom Hybrid. Worked a treat!


Although still unable to select and copy the disc's file structure from within Toast :-(

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