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Missing .dll



i just bought the roxio game capture hd pro and i installed it on my computer, when i installed it the edit and share option didnt work it kept saying "The program can't start because d3dx9_33.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." i dont know why it is doing this i just need help with it does anyone know what i should do?

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That is part of DirectX9...


You may have deleted it, in part, through some inadvertant action.


Let's try this first!

  1. Remove the capture device
  2. Turn Off and/or disable Anti Virus software and Firewall
  3. Uninstall your Roxio Software through the Control Panel - Programs and Features
  4. Reboot
  5. Install the Roxio Software, making sure you agree to let it check for updates and install everything (except that stupic Google Toolbar :angry: )

Let's see if that will rebuild your DirectX9, otherwise it will have to be downloaded from MS and installed ^_^

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I also had the same problem on my Desktop PC (the install worked fine on both of my laptops).


The fix is to simply update your DirectX. You don't even need a reboot afterward.


Download and reinstall directx from this link here: http://www.microsoft...ails.aspx?id=35


It is very important to turn off your anti-virus when updating DirectX. My first installation failed with AVG running. After disabling it - DirectX updated without problem.


Screenshot of error message below:


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It's very important to turn off any program especially anti-virus / firewall when installing / un-installing anything on your PC!


Agreed :) Although I generally never have a problem with AVG!

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AVG on this board is one of the worst at causing problems!


Ahh OK, I'm new here so please forgive my ignorance :) Must be a Roxio/AVG war I didn't know about!! :ph34r:

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Another program on Vista and W-7 I would make sure it's off when installing un-installing is UAC, User Account Control.


Keep in mind what anti-virus software does?


Monitors programs and .exe running on the PC that might harm it.


If it thinks something from a legit program looks suspicious it blocks it and there goes your installation. ;)

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