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Inserting .wmv File As Overlay Freezes Up Videowave



Tonight I tried adding a recorded .wmv file as an overlay.


When selecting the file it is blacked out in the selection box (see attached)


When reviewing the video (playing it in videowave) it will get to the .wmv file and freeze up the program (second pic). IF you scroll past the beginning of the wmv file and start playback say in the middle of the .wmv file it works just fine! (3rd pic)


There is something about "starting" to play that .wmv file that videowave does not like.




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I noticed that if I used the "Trim" tool and cut off the 1st portion of the .wmv file...that it plays without a problem.


Hope that helps track the issue.

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Even more info.


The video that I took that freezes Videowave was taken with a Toshiba Laptop webcam using the software provided by Toshiba called "Web Camera Application". That video requires me to trim the 1st portion off of it to work as an overlay.


I took a second video with a different webcam - Microsoft Lifecam. This video works without a problem. I can add it as an overlay and it plays without a hitch.


Both are .wmv files - but perhaps it has something to do with how the toshiba software saves it's files??


Just thought I'd share.

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Embalmer: Thanks for the follow-up!


I would appear there is a something non-standard at the beginning of the Toshiba file... Is there anyway to change the capture format in the Toshiba software to say mpeg?


Hey Jim, I don't think there is a way to change the capture format. This is a very generic program that came with the Toshiba Sattelite laptop - so I guess I don't expect much from it.


Fortunately - I have a different web cam so problem is solved for me. Hopefully it's not a showstopper for others though!

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