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Digitizing Analog Tapes



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I am digitizing analog tapes using Creator 2011. It works. However, I don't get any sound out of my computer (or the source tape player). How do I get the computer play what I am recording? Please help. Josef


Audio or video? What is the source? How do you have it plugged into your computer?


Hearing the audio that you are recording (live) is a function of your audio card/chip. Which one do you have? It may be a setting or it may not be possible.

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A lot depends on your computer. I do not want to make a rash recommendation. I use a "Creative Sound Blaster HiFi card. The card does not need to be expensive; just that it must be able to capture and play at the same time. For Sound Blaster, it is called "What you hear". It has to be 24bit or be able to down convert to 24 bit.


I can't find your Envy audio device (not a card) so I don't know if it can do the same as the Sound Blaster.


Perhaps someone else can chime in here.

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Are you saying you're recording okay, but you can't listen to the input while you're doing it?


My motherboard has an Envy 24 audio controller, and when I connect the audio input plug to the Mic. or Line In socket I immediately hear the input audio on my speakers, and it stays there regardless of whether I'm running an audio capture program or not so I don't think your problem is because you have an Envy 24 family system. It might be the way the manufacturer has designed your particular controller or audio card.


Would you check please, is yours onboard or a separate audio card? [You can tell if it's an onboard controller because the audio sockets are grouped with the motherboard sockets for keyboard, mouse, LAN etc., rather than out on their own on a removable card in a slot]. With more information we might be able to find the specs on your hardware.


If you double-click the speaker symbol on your system tray do you get shown a Mixer control panel? There are often things in there you can change.




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