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With TOAST 11 Pro,when I capture a video from uTube or similar, the movie clip is saved in a temporary file. I can convert the clip to what ever format I want, probably for my iPad, and everything is fine except I can't delete the file from the Web Video window. The next time I open Toast and go to web video, the files are still there. I right click on the file, view in FINDER, and try to delete the file but it just pops back in. If I delete the file 6 times, there will be six files in my Trash folder, but the movie/clip is still in my Temporary folder. This folder is buried down on "Private" folder which is greyed out so I don't know how to get there except by right clicking on the file name in Web Video window.


Roxio Tech Help suggested that I reset my browser (Safari) which I did but this got rid of a lot of info such as logins, history etc which I now have to rebuild. Do't want to do this again.


Anybody got any ideas how to delete these files so they don't keep showing up in my Web Video window.



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Any updates, Gord?


I have the exact same problem.

I'm able to trash the videos from the folder in the Finder after selecting the video in the Toast Web Video window and control-clicking to show that folder. If yours won't actually trash then my guess is there is a permissions issue. I wonder if running the Repair in Disk Utility might correct the problem.

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