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Need Help Fast! :(



hi, i received my roxio game capture device, the setup was easy peasy but then i tried to download the software on my pc but the installation cancelled and i have no idea what to do now, i really want this to work, also when i look into the log files i get 3 files everytime, DIRECTX_FEB10_Uninstall and DIRECTX_FEB10_Install and also SONIC_SETUP


when i try to download

microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 it also gives me an error that says that i have to go to configurationscreen and install or configure


Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1


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1. Download and install latest DirectX 9 Runtimes from Microsoft


2. Copy all install files from your Roxio Game Capture disc to folder on harddrive.


3. After 'Preparing your computer for installing Roxio products' here. Things I do before installation, in this order. Disable W-7 / Vista User Account Control (UAC), clean all cache, cookies, private data, clear history, delete the temp file contents (start run %temp%), run disc cleanup, empty the recycle bin, run disc defragmenter on the operating system C / installation drive (a SSD Drive you do not defrag). Reboot the PC, close all unnecessary running programs, disconnect from the internet and turn off / stop antivirus and firewall software. Now your ready to install the software.

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it doesn't work or i did something wrong, could you please give me more detailed info? or with photo's or something? ;$


i copied the files to C\ and downloaded the file and emptied the % thingy


The instructions are clear.


Maybe you need a friend with better PC skills to help you?

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