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Want To Skip Forward Or Back While Auditioning An Audio File? Not In Toast 11.1!



I just "upgraded" to Toast 11.1 last night (I use a Mini with 8 GBs of RAM and running 10.6.8) and I'm attempting to create a compilation audio CD, but the more I attempt to use this sad excuse of a program the more infuriating things become!


I've started fresh with a brand new 11.1 file (I started the project using 11.05), and I've discovered YET ANOTHER new bug. In 11.05, when you clicked and held on the "next track" button you could fast-forward through the selected song, perhaps to check for any clipping after increasing its gain. Not anymore!! Now using that same move will just have you quickly skipping ahead through the rest of the tracks that appear after the one you're playing! The same thing happens when you attempt to "rewind" by clicking and holding on the "previous track" button; You can only start again from the very beginning!


That's right, Roxio broke the ability to "fast forward" and "rewind" through an audio file with 11.1.


Also - as in 11.05 - if you're listening to the first audio track, the "previous track" button is grayed out, so you literally can't click on it to restart the song from the very beginning. You need to skip to track 2, then very quickly click the "previous track" button twice to get back to the very beginning of track 1.


Guess what happens if you only have one track? That's right!! YOU CAN'T FAST-FORWARD OR REWIND AT ALL! You can only Play and Stop!! (See attached.) God help you if you're working with a 60-minute ambient track!


I've given up on 11.1 as well as Roxio. I greatly resent how they treat paying customers as unwitting product testers. I will never spend one more penny on their half-baked, useless products. Their obvious laziness, carelessness and total disregard for customer satisfaction is completely inexcusable.

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