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No Menu Toast 11.1



I'm trying to burn a movie as a Blu Ray DVD / Image with a menu. The Menu does not appear when I play it. Instead the first Video starts playing and I don't see any way to execute a menu command in the Player. I'm using the Roxio Player for play.


...using Toast 11.1 w/BR plugin on a 2.7 Core i5 iMac burning to a Samsung SE-506 firmware updated. Also Permissions are repaired and Disc Repair Verified. I've tried multiple settings in Toast 11.1.


Any idea?

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In Roxio Video Player there is an icon in the playback bar at the bottom of the viewing screen that access the different titles on the disc or mounted disc image. One of those titles is a display of the menu. The menu doesn't function within Roxio Video Player.

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Thanks, that is helpful. Next question... the drop down only lists


Title 1

Title 2

Title 3


Will the actual names appear in a menu when played on a Playstation? I'm making this for my daughter. It won't play at all in my LG BH100 (firmware updated). I'm using Verbatim media BD-R.


When I select Title 3 it gives a chapter menu of the first video. This particular Image does have selected the 2 button option, but I have tried many other settings.


I like the car!!! What is it?

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In order of importance, the car is a 1958 Austin-Healey 100-6 that I've owned since 1972. It's sunny today and I'm looking forward to taking it out for a drive.


As for the Blu-ray menu, when the disc is inserted in a Blu-ray player what should happen is either the first title begins playing (if Auto-play disc on insert is checked in the Toast Options panel) or the menu appears (if that option is not checked). The menu shows the name you gave the project (where Toast puts "My Movie" by default) and one, two or three lines of the text that are next to the thumbnail image in the Toast window. You also can select the thumbnail image you want for the menu button by clicking on the thumbnail and dragging the slider that appears beneath it. If you choose the option to "Include Scene Menus for Video" in the Recorder Settings window clicking on a title menu opens a new window with the chapter menu (which have no text) and the first chapter must be clicked to begin playback.


I am puzzled what the burned disc wouldn't play in your Blu-ray player. My understanding is it does mount on your Mac and Roxio Video Player can play it. It's frustrating when these inexplicable things happen. I don't know what to suggest about that issue.


The Title 1, 2 and 3 names only appear when using Roxio Video Player. They are not part of the disc menu. The only reason to choose a "title" that displays the menu is so you can see what the menu and text looks like. That can be handy when saving as a disc image before committing to burning the Blu-ray disc.

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