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How To Live Stream Xbox And Ps3 With The Roxio Game Capture



NOTE - watch this video in 720p+ and full screen for best results


Hey guys! This video is a tutorial on how to live stream xbox or ps3 gameplay from the roxio game capture on to websites such as twitch tv and justin tv


This is exactly how i have my set up and this is what gets me HD quality on my streams.

*warning* the level of HD and lag you get depends on your upload speed.

I will provide all the links to the programs below as well as my twitter and facebook page.

A like favorite and subscribe would be really helpful and only takes a second in comparison to the work it took to make this!


If you have any problems feel free to ask any amount of questions or even send in a video response and i will get back to you with help asap :)

Happy live streaming guys and gals!

Thank you for watching!!


Note! - can all questions please be directed to the comment section on the video on YouTube if you need help as that's where i am most likely to see your questions. thank you!



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...actually there is discussion as to whtether your posting constitutes a violation of the the Roxio terms and agreement and shoud be binned :huh:


Probalby would not have been noticed had you not Bumped it ;)


I'm not quite sure how this violates any roxio terms (i haven't read in great detail in to them)

But i will happily remove this thread if you wish as i do not want to be breaking any rules or anything..


Please get back to me. Thank you

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