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Burning And Playback



I'm trying to burn a photoshow with 137 pictures and 3 songs. When I burn a dvd, it goes through the whole process and I get a notification that it was successful. When I play in the dvd player, it only plays 3/4 through and stops. It plays a little longer in my laptop. When I check the dvd in the computer, it shows that the disc is full at 547MB but the disc capacity is 8.5GB. What am I doing wrong.

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After a video DVD is burned, it is closed off and nothing further can be burned to it. It is shown as "full" because it has been closed.


If it is having difficulty playing, but plays further on one machine than another, I would suspect you've made a "less than optimal" disc. The prime suspects for causing this are either poor media [not the best discs] or burning too fast, and the cures recommended for them are (1) getting a better brand of disc and (2) slowing the burn speed down. I usually burn at half the maximum available.


If you have a relatively small production [as it seems you have] it would be more economical to get some single-layer discs, as they're typically only a quarter of the price of the double-layer size you mentioned.




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