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"upgrade To Hdpro"



Hey guys,


I have a question: whats the difference between "Upgrade to HDPro" and just buy the capture card for 140 dollars?

It's a 30 dollar difference so thats why I am asking!


Thanks for your help!

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Hey guys thanks for replying,


But what I actually mean is: I am from holland and I can buy the Roxio game capture Pro HD for 140 euros.

But when I press the "Upgrade to HD" button, I can buy the same roxio game capture HD Pro for 110 euro's.


My questions is if there is any difference between the two devices or not?


Note: I already have the "old" Roxio game capture.



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Good Question and I honestly do not know... :D


However if the Standard Device were capable of HD Capture do you really think it would be limited only by its' Software :huh:


It takes BOTH to do HD Capture ~ go for the Upgrade and save yourself a few €'s :lol:


SHOULD IT NOT WORK or be what you expect... return it ;)

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There is definitely a difference in the 2 hardware pieces.

The HD capture device now allows for use of HDMI or Component where the original only offered Component.


The software is also different to allow for the use of HD and the HDMI input.

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