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Green "no Signal" And Black Screen




I bought the Roxio Game Capture so time ago and it worked for a couple of videos. But all of the sudden it came up with a green "No Signal". And after searching on google, I found no help. So I decided to make a forum post (which I'm doing now).


As previously mentioned I get a green "No Signal" and a black screen in the recording area, and when I start the recording the program does not respond for a few seconds and then the display flickers with an unstable image and wont let me stop the recording.

I have attatched a picture and hope it can help in resolving the problem.


Cheers, Lasse


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Select the NTSC-M option in TV Standard setting for all resolutions (480p/720p/1080i). This applies if your TV is a PAL (Europe) or NTSC (North America).

Tried it; it will not show the screen until I start recording, but it will capture the screen when I start the capture. But I'm still not able to stop the recording, so nothing is saved...

But thanks for helping with one part of the problem :)

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Okay, found out how to fix this problem (at least it worked for me):


1) Uninstall Roxio Game Capture

2) Unplug the device and uninstall the 2 Roxio Game Capture deviceses (found in Device Manager)

3) Reinstall Roxio Game Capture (remember to restart)

4) Plug in the device, and let the device install

(I have not tried installing the patch, but it works fine without)


Hope this can help others :D

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Im still having problems with mines its a black green and still says no signal and i had this for a while and this is the first time it's giving me any problem and also when i tried to see if anything wrong with the composite cables it doesnt look like the cablees work no more because i can hear the xbox but not see whats going on either t. screen or laptop :( :( :(

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I'm having the same problem, but I cant even change the TV Standard settings. I can't select anything other than change the prefix... Can someone please help me? :'(


Here's a screenshot.post-123778-0-15325900-1424053761_thumb.png


The post is over 2 years old and the Original poster is from As Norway... do you really thnk you have the exact same problem???


Start a new topic with some details! Like the part you left out that it did capture before and doesn't now...

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