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Video Copy & Convert Difficulty



Creator NXT difficulty: using Video Copy & Convert, Trim movie is not working for me. Output is set to DVD. I use Mark Trim Point for beginning and end of the section I want -- an Introduction for my DVD menu; 4 min 21 sec from my 80 min Transport Stream (.ts) file; Priority is to Highest Quality; Save file to: File/Folder; ellipsis used to specify a Temp folder on my D-drive; Video / Audio settings to Defaults. Nothing seems to happen when I click Done after marking the trim points so I then use the green arrow at lower right of the window. This displays the Creating DVD progress screen. When I eventually, after a long time, can open the VIDEO_TS folder on my hard drive I see I've got the whole video, not the 4 min 21 sec section I marked. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. Comment: after clicking Done, above, optionally pushing Preview shows a later portion of the video, not the section I marked. My PC runs Vista Business SP2; Intel dual core 2.4 GHz processor with 2 GB RAM; video card is an ATI Radeon X1650. The support PDFs are too general to help here

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I really don't know why anyone would use VCC when VideoWave is available and about 100 fold more capable... :huh:


However, this may show you some insite as to how 'Trim' works:




From the sound of it, you thought the gray area, between markers, was the portion you wanted to retain ;)


You can also set multipe Trim areas to be deleted in a clip.


This may be of use to you: Here

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