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Pc Capture With Roxio Game Capture Hd





I hoped that someone could help me.

I read this : "Can I use Roxio Game Capture HD PRO to play live games on my computer display?"

"Yes as long as your computer display can take HDMI or Component input. Instead of connecting a TV, you can connect your computer display as an output with Roxio Game Capture HD PRO device so the video can be passed through in real time to your computer display.

You still need to connect the capture device via USB with a laptop/PC for recording though. The preview in the Capture software has about 2 second delay as it is required for the hardware to process the video."


So I have the usb connected to my roxio gamecap pro-hd and on the opposite side an hdmi connected to my pc monitor. Am I doing this wrong? Because this is what I see; check the attached file.


Please help! Thanks!


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You are quoting from the FAQ's for Game Capture HD PRO: FAQs


You are hooked up correctly but you have to change the Source on the Monitor itself!


My HP (pictured here) there is a Source switch at the bottom:





I also have a PS Monitor and the switches are inconvienltly located on the back! Like playing a flute blind :angry:


Find the switches and set it to the Source your game is connected to ;)


NOTE: GAME TO CAPTURE BOX and HDMI Out of Capture Box to MONITOR + USB to PC. (Monitor set to HDMI from Capture box as Source)

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You didn't mention having the Console connected.You have done that correct?


It should be HDMi from console to in side of device and HDMI out to monitor.Then you have to also have the USB going to your PC.


Like Jim mentioned you'll have to flip back and forth on the inputs to be able to see one or the other.


Since what the software is displaying is the signal from your device it shouldn't have anything to do with the input on your monitor.If you see the software then you're on the right input for your PC.

You'd need to change to another input to see the console.


I can get no signal if the device is not connected to my PC or the console is turned off.

I'm taking it that both of those are correct.

Did the light come on on the device?


Try plugging it into a different USB port on your computer,preferably one on the back.

Try using a different USB cable to the computer.

Do you see a picture from the console if you switch inputs?

If not check your connections and then try a different HDMI cable.


One more thing,did you install the software before plugging in the device?

This is the way it should have been done.


Try these and see what happens.

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Tell us how you fixed "two-screen" problem.....this might help other users that have the same problem.


I had both a DVI-D AND a hdmi connected. I just disabled the DVI-D and chose the hdmi as the input source.

At first I couldn't choose the resolution so I googled it and simply restarted the computer

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Ok,so are you not getting the sound in your capture or are you not getting sound when you play the console?

Check the Options box to make sure that the sound input is setup correctly.


I can only find the option to change audio device in the live stream options

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