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Red No Signal, All Connections Checked



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Are you getting a picture on your TV?.


Has it worked ok since you installed it ?.


With the Roxio usb plugged in, do you see these 2 entries in your Device Manager ?.




Yes i see my xbox on the tv still and i got it at the beggining of the year and it worked fine up until recently and no i dont see those two option beacuse it keeps saying usb device not recognized


This is what it says when i plug the usb in i clicked the message but it says nothing helpfull any ideas how to fix tht i feel tht might be the problem beacuse my computer for some reason now thinks its and un recognized device



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With the Roxio USB Device plugged in, right click the unknown device, and click uninstall.


Unplug the USB Device from the PC and reboot the PC.


When the PC is up and running place the Roxio installation disc in a drive and run repair when it's offered. When it's finished reboot the PC.


When the PC is up and running open device manager and plugin the Roxio USB Device and the 2 Roxio Game Cap entries should be there.

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no i do not and i have tryed uninstalling the device, reboot, repair with disk, reboot then plug usb back in and it still says unknown device and in device management it still does not show the two devices

want new pics of where i stand in the process right now?

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The cable that goes from the device to the PC is just a standard A-B cable.You use them to connect any number of devices.

Do you have another lying around that you can try?If you have a printer it probably connects with one if it's USB.Borrow it for a test.


For whatever reason the device is not being recognized by Windows.Until it is the software will show No Signal.For now don't even bother opening the software until you can see the 2 Roxio entries in Device Manager,you'll see No Signal.

Like ogdens said try a different USB port,preferably one on the back of the computer.

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well i did use the usb from my printer and it still says device not recognized so i geuss im gona have to pay for a new game cap? or is there like a waranty you get when you buy them cause ive only had it a few months and all it has done is sit on my computer stand out of the way of everything.

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