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Videowave - How To Include Audio From A Video


I'm sorry for what is probably a very simple question. I don't do this very often so I forget how to do things. (I have Roxio Video Wave 2009)


I need to start a new project that I will be working on over the next few weeks. So my first step is the primary audio which is a narration of the text of my story/report.


I can think of two options. One would be to just record an audio file.


But in the past, when another person helped me, they recorded me on video. Then in the project they showed me speaking in the beginning of the video, but through most of the video other clips and photos were shown and then only part of what I had recorded that was used was the audio. How would I do this?


Are there multiple audio and video tracks?

How do I lay all of this out?

And then how do I determine which audio will be heard in the project and which video will be seen?


Later in the project I want to add soft background music, and I want to use the original audio off of a couple of clips as well.

So I suppose that means I'll have three sound tracks?


I know this can work I'm just lost as to how to get started.


Thank you ahead of time for the help!


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You could use the video/audio of yourself on the Main Track and then add the other video/images to the overlay tracks. Have a read through this post where a user wanted to use video from 2 cameras. The screen shots should give you an idea of how it works, http://forums.suppor...ne-audio-track/ .

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