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Green Video Output





I have the Roxio Game Capture (Standard). My current setup is as follows:


Xbox 360 Component Cable -> Roxio Game Capture -> Component to VGA cable (Into Samsung MONITOR NOT TV)


The problem is that the monitor is showing everything in green. Now before you ask me to change my cables I will say - I have checked the Xbox Component cable, it is working fine in a TV (and incidently also works in the Capture software, picture comes through clear as day) and I have also tried 3 componenet to VGA cables with no change in display (everything green... remember? :) ). So the problem is somewhere between the Roxio Game Capture unit and the monitor. Now the monitor works with other VGA devices so can't be the monitor, and the cables (as I have said) have been checked. IS there something I am missing? I am at a loss...


Is anyone else experiencing this?


Thanks in advance!

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If you're trying to go HDMI to VGA with a cable it'll never work.

One is digital and one is analog and the two shall never mix.


And please don't hijack the thread.Your situation is different.


As far as the OP I'm not sure whats going on.Usually when weird color things happen with a Component setup it's because one of the colors is connected wrong or one of the color signals is not getting through

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I get this too...


Basically, it's something to do with the component signal being digital and the VGA being analogue or something similar. You need an actual converter not just an adapter... Or, you could just live with it but I know what you mean, it is annoying :/

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