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How To Create Jpg Still Image From Camcorder?


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I had SNAPPY Video Snapshot to capture still images from my camcorder to my old computer. But, it uses the parallel port to input data, and my new Win7 machine lacks this port. Plus it was very slow.


What do I need to use my camcorder, to view the live images on the monitor, and then be able to capture a JPG still image?


Seems like a simple thing, but I can't figure out what product will do this.


Any suggestions? Thanks!



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I have a vintage Sony Handycam. It has the standard simple jacks in yellow, white and red, and an odd round jack marked S-Video.


I bought a Roxio Video Capture USB device, which appears to be fine for getting my old videos off and into my computer. But, I was not able to figure out how to capture a still image.


Thanks for looking!

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Your camera may have a firewire post also. Does it?

Do you have a firewire port on your computer?


Connect up the USB device to your computer and open the software. You didn't tell us which piece of software. Capture the video to your computer. For there it depends on what software you have.

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The camera does not appear to have firewire, and a Google seach on the camera and "firewire" reveals basically nothing.


I do not believe my Toshiba Satellite L675 Win7 laptop computer has firewire, either. It has: "3 USB ports (1 is a combo eSATA/USB port), SDCard slot, Ethernet port"


The Roxio USB device I have has the standard Roxio software. While I admit it has been some time since I used it, at that time, I was not able to find any way to capture a SINGLE image. I could get a video stream, and I could capture video, but not a JPG image.


Basically I want to use the camcorder to view the image on-screen, capture a JPG image, and use it on eBay. I did this previously with SNAPPY!, and saved several thousand images that way. I do have a digital camera, which works, but the camcorder and a specialty ring-light provide optimal pics of small objects. With the on-screen viewing, I can manipulate the object so the lighting is perfect. The digital camera is difficult to use on small items.


I thought Roxio had a device that captured single JPG images. But, a review of the current items does not quickly reveal which, if any, would do so.

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