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Nxt Vs. Roxio Creator 2013 (Soon To Come?)

Gig A.


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Does the new Roxio NXT have as many features (attached) as Roxio Creator 2013 (soon to be released??!). Currently have Creator 2012 and just bought NXT.


Install both on same computer pros/cons?


Thank you




Where did you get the idea that Roxio 2013 (or whatever it will be called) is to be "released soon"? NXT was just released and if Roxio follows tradition the next release won't be until late summer next year. To me that is not soon!


What is the purpose of your attached images?


When you install NXT it will uninstall C2012.

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To answer your questions:


THOUGHT I heard somewhere that Creator will be released soon...


Attached the images to try and show the features in C2012 and would those features be in NXT. Usually when you post here scrn shots are helpful??????????????


ok, NXT will uninstall C2012, thanks.





So not only do you get what's normally in C12 (my prev. attached images) you get Paintshop Pro 4x, what a bargain and GREAT addl feature!!


Thank Brendon


Still amazes me that you guys answer ALL these ??'s on ALL/MANY of these Roxio discussion groups and you do it for fun and NOT aRoxio employee,


FANTASTIC job and hats off to all you guys (& gals if any) for your knowledge/patience following these discussion groups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Many thanks......

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