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Game Capture Code



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Good news Vaughn....thanks for the info.


Do you know if this applies to "other" Roxio products (ie NXT)?.

not exactly sure, wouldn't hurt to ask a rep or customer service agent.

I don't have a NXT or any other Roxio devices besides the game captures,

but ask, doesn't hurt to most times

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If you "lost" the cover, then you will have to purchase a whole new package.


Read this:




some of this is not true


Quote from an email from

Ivan Lo

Senior Product Specialist, Roxio


One thing I want to clarify for a point you mentioned in your video is that we do not require users to re-purchase the software if they lost it. In almost all cases, if the user lost his installation disc for any reason (even when his dog cracked it which is a case I have seen personally), we do provide a download copy of Roxio Game Capture software once we verify POP or very least the S/N at the bottom of the Game Capture hardware. We inform those customers that it would be a one time curtsey download and they will need to back it up at a safe place this time.


This was info provided by me to use publicly in my YouTube videos.

i know that is for software, but a friend received the download link and his missing cd key from support when contacting via this method.

the agent even registered the device for him when he called in after receiving the S/N on/from the device.

Moral of the story is, ALWAYS register your devices! it the 1st thing i do when opening the product up.

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Moi je n'est pas la pochette du disque ni le paquet initial comment faire pour avoir le code pour le logiciel svp !!


Nos son en su mayoría de habla Inglés usuarios de aquí, por favor incluya su mensaje en Inglés si es posible.


Puede contactar con el soporte de Roxio para obtener una clave de cd desde el número de serie del dispositivo. Pero ellos son el apoyo Inglés.


We are mostly english speaking users here, please post in english if you can.


You can contact roxio support to obtain a cd key from the serial number of the device. But they are english support.

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iv had a roxio and it asking for a code where do i get a code from because it didnt come with a code and i got it of AMAZON please help


it is usually on the cd sleeve of the install disc.

if they didn't send you one, i would ask for a refund.

OR you can contact roxio support and supply the S/N of the device to get the code. That's if it is new or second hand. If it is registered by another person...it could cause some problems.


Just a heads up for buying hardware and device, always try to buy from the company or authorized dealer because sites like amazon and ebay lower the quality of warranty and customer support.

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