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Big Poblem Kinda Mad Now



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All we know so far is you have "no signal" on your computer screen. You say you are hooked up correctly, you would not believe how many time we have heard that before on this forum.


So, tell us exactly how you have got your PS3 connected to the capture card ( http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/accessories/ps3-component-cable/overview.html )


Are you getting a good picture on your TV?.

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i do have a good picture on my TV and i am using a universal component av cable witch means it can be plunged in to a Wii Xbox and PS3 but i don't think that's the problem... is it? i looked at my connections and it still wont work but i will unplug everything as soon as i post this and maybe it will work (but i have done that already too)

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