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Roxion Creator Nxt Cannot Find Cineplayer Cpdp.msi File



I recently purchased Roxio Creator NXT from Roxio website. Downloaded files and installed per instructions. Now when I try and add new movies to a DVD project, I get a message that says windows need to install Sonic CinePlayer Decoder Pack. It tries to initialize the installation and give me a message that "the feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable". It is looking for a program named "CPDP.msi". I have searched my computer and I can't find the file either.


I have tried uninstalling NXT and NXT content program and reinstalling, but still having same issue. Any thoughts?


I am new to posting on forums and not sure what additional information is needed from me. I am running Window 7 Professional x64.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I think that the installer should have installed the Cineplayer Decoder Pack for you, Joe.


However if you still have your installer files [which you should have burned to disc to preserve a copy] then you can find CPDP.MSI in the file RoxioCreatorNXTPRO_LC36AXD0R14.exe in the archive folder \CPDECODERPACK_434\.


One way to get at this MSI file is to use an archiving utility to expand the contents of that main .EXE file into folders on your hard drive. Then if the system complains that it can't find the MSI file you can point it toward the decoderpack folder that holds it.


I use the free 7-Zip [find it on the Internet] archiving program to open .EXE archives such as the Roxio one.




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Found the file!! I extracted like you instructed and there it was.


Thanks for the help. I spent about 3 hours trying to figure this out myself. Next time i will post before I waste time trying to solve on my own, since obviously I am pretty clueless!


Thanks again!

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