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Save “Grayed Out” After Making Certain Changes In Audio Cd Playlist - 11.1 (1072)



I select Audio, then Audio CD, then add songs to the playlist, then Save. Now, if I then change any gains, make a custom crossfade, or change the order of songs, the Save function remains grayed out as though no changes were made. Closing Toast does not initiate a dialog box asking if I want to save changes, it just closes and the changes are lost.

However, any other changes (i.e., Pause Setting, Effects, or Preset Crossfades) makes the Save function active and then all changes are saved. I tried this on several playlists (new and previously saved from earlier versions) all with the same result.

Obviously I can work around the issue by making a minor change to something else after making changes that aren’t recognized as changes, or I can Save As... and keep the same name overwriting the original, but neither of these options are acceptable long term. Anyone else have this issue? (2008 iMac, 10.8.2, 4GB RAM)

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It appears that changes made to the Advanced Audio Toast preference are being ignored once they are saved. This is surely an unfortunate issue. However since an updater was just released recently, I doubt that this issue get fixed anytime soon if at all. The work around I would suggest is to use "Save As" instead. When changes are made to the "gain", "Save As" allows you to re-save by replacing the saved file.

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