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Files Names Using Custom Hybrid & Audio



I use Toast to burn audio discs with a custom hybrid section. The audio portion plays fine on any system and the Mac portion of the hybrid mounts on Mac systems, the ISO on PC systems.


First I burn the audio onto a blank disc, using the "Write Session" setting.


To create the custom hybrid section I use Data > Custom Hybrid and create a disc image with a Mac and and an ISO portion.


Once the audio is finished I add the custom hybrid section (as an image file) using the "Write Disc" setting.


Here's my problem.


If I simply burn the custom hybrid image file to a blank CD (without the audio portion) the full names of the files are retained on the PC version (I use the "Joliet (MS-DOS + Windows)" setting in the ISO 9660 section. Everything is fine, I end up with a disc that contains a Mac portion and a PC portion and works perfectly in both systems, showing the full names.


However, if I add this custom hybrid portion (as an image file) to an open ended audio CD then the names on the PC version are shortened and capitalized.


Does anyone know why this is happening and if there is any way around it. I'm using the exact same image file. When burned alone it's fine, when added to an audio disc, the names are changed.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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If I'm understanding you correctly it sounds like you want to create a disc where audio will play when mounted in any CD player as well as contain data which can be read on a PC or Mac, or maybe even both. In Toast is an Audio format option in the pull down menu named "Enhanced Audio CD". To simplify the disc it seems you want to create try the following:

1. First select Data format. If you want to share data on the Mac and PC select "Mac&PC" from the pull down menu. Otherwise select Mac only for Mac platforms. Add your data to the content area.

2.Select Audio format and chose "Enhanced Audio CD". Drag the audio files you wish to include to the content area. You may either burn to disc or save as a Toast disc image. This format will write the audio as the first session and the data as a second session. I hope this resolves your issue or at least simplifies your steps.

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Hi BJacks:


Thanks for the response. I'm aware of the "Enhanced Audio CD" feature, however, I'm not interested in using that process. I use the "custom hybrid" approach because it allows me to create completely separate sections for Macs and PCs. That way I can feed PCs certain files that I might not want/need to feed Mac users and vice-versa. The Enhanced Audio CD feature feeds both platforms the same files.


What I'm really interested in finding out is if someone can answer my question about why the file names change depending upon whether the custom hybrid disc is burned as a stand alone or added to an audio disc, as I've outline above.


Thanks again.

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