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Xbox 360 - Roxio Game Cap - Vga-Pc-Monitor: Fukato 22 Tft 1610L5 ? Is That Possible?



Hey Guys,


at first I want to say sorry for my bad english, i hope you can understand me, otherwise tell me and i will try to do it better. I´ve tryed to find some help in the german forums but everyone who tryed to help me send me back to the roxio forums. Thats why I am here. I have searched on the web for a long time to find a way to record my Battlefield-3 ingame scenes. I hope the Roxio Game Cap can do this for me with my specific Monitor. I have a big flatscreen but i dont like it...its just to BIG. At the moment im playing on my Fukato 22 TFT 1610L5 PC-Monitor. I love this Monitor and i love esport. This is my esport monitor and i want to play on it :) I want to have that old counterstrike/callofduty feeling that i had in the last years :) The Monitor is not HD, but its enough for me..i see all what i need to play on a serious level.


I´m playing on a xbox 360 Slim with a Fukato 22 TFT 1610L5 PC Monitor. I have a Turtle Beach Ear Force XL1 Headset. And i want to record the Battlefield 3 scenes on my Laptop:


Acer Aspire 7750:

Intel Core i3-2350M (2.3 GHz, 3MB L3 cache), Intel HD Graphics 3000, 4 GB DDR3 Memory, 750 GB HDD


Now the Question. Is it possible to record on this via Roxio Game cap? If this is possibe, what will i need? which cables? And will it record without any delay on my PC-Monitor? (you know in esport, 1ms delay can be enough to let you loose a complete clanwar, if there would be a delay i could not record on this way :( ) And will the graphic-quality on my PC-Monitor will be the same as before? or is it lower? i´ve read some threads where people had delays, and a smaller resolution on the monitor. will i have the same?


It would be nice if you could tell me what i will need for this. Which cables? Maybe you can show me them on the german amazon website (http://www.amazon.de/) so that i can order them directly.


An other question. Im not a engineer. Im just a gamer. So sorry if this is a stupid question^^ Will the recored video have a better qualtity then the Scenes on my Monitor? I have seen there is the new Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. I dont know if i could buy this...my Monitor is not HD. So would it be worth for me to buy this? Or is the maximum record-quality, the quality on my monitor?


Thanks for help! And again, sorry for my bad english :) If you have any questions, just let me know


Patrick / Sober

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If you're using the monitor for both the PC and the XBox then there are a couple of things.


You'll need 2 inputs on the monitor.1 for the XBox and 1 for the PC.


What kind of inputs you have on the monitor depend on how things will connect.I couldn't tell as all of the pages I could pull up on it were in a language I don't speak,sorry.

Also you'll need to switch inputs back and forth to see the 2 different pictures.


As long as you play with the input from the XBox you should see full screen and not have any lag.

If you try and play from the PC screen then you'll only have the small preview screen and get a discernible lag.


As far as the quality of the capture it doesn't matter the picture you see on the monitor.

What matters is the quality of the capture through the USB connection.

The HD Pro device will let you input an HDMI connection from the XBox and the software will let you capture in HD.

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