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Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro



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That would skip the Capture Box, how is it going to work that way??? :huh:


The Software must have the Device connected and receiving a signal to work.


Has anyone else tried it connected like TMO describes???


I think he wants to utilize the streaming and eliminate the TV for playing and eliminate the lag associated with the PC... (sure would help if we didn't have to guess :lol: )

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OP, the way you described it is abit confusing.


xbox 360 can't have 2 HDMI outputs. the way you hook up the roxio normally is:



the roxio is then connected to the computer to record.


this is for both hdmi and component, if your computer screen has a hdmi input....you can use it but as for a computer itself having a input hdmi mean it has a capture card. if you do have a hdmi port on your computer probably means it is a output for a screen, not a input.

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My XBox only has 1 HDMI out.I don't know how you'd get a second one.

The software is looking for a USB device anyways so even if you did hook it up that way I'm not sure the software would even see it.


And as Vaughn said if you did have an HDMI input on your computer it would probably be on a capture card thus eliminating the need for the Roxio device.

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