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Jack W

Roxio Photoshow 'code 6' Error Every Time!


My Photoshow 6 has worked beautifully and now doesn't like me anymore. It loads the photos, and then as it starts to load the music it quits...and a message says error code 6...failed to load etc. I'm on Windows 7 and I THINK my burner is okay as it works for other burning etc. Help

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I have no idea what an error code 6 is. Let's assume that it is the music. What format are the files? Is there any chance they are Digital Rights Management protected? Are they music files for ITunes?


The first thing to try is to convert the music to wav (if you are using the desktop version. If you are using mp3 files, reconvert them to mp3 (there are different types of mp3 music files). Just pick a standard mp3 conversion.


Let us know if that help[s.

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