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Preferences For Exported File Names From Sound Editor



I have Creator 2011 and have been digitizing LPs and tapes using the Roxio LP and Tape Assistant window and creating Tags for each song without problems. However, when I export them as mp3 files to my harddrive, the default file names come out using the Number, Title, and Artist from the tag file I made. I just want the Title in the file name and have to edit out the numbers and artist names later from the mp3 files. This is tedious for a large number of files exported from an album. I can't find anyway to edit preferences for naming the exported file here or in Sound Editor if I go there before exporting them.


Does anyone know if there a way to edit preferences for what goes into the final file name?

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In Roxio Convert and Transfer, you get the option of structuring the subfolder/file name where the audio files are to be exported by picking what is to be extracted from each tag file ("Track #", "Title", Artist", etc.). Apparently, this option is not available in the Sound Editor, or LP and Tape Assistant windows for exporting your audio files.

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I looked at this using 2012 not 2011 but I'm fairly certain it's still the same.


In the LP and Tape Assistant when you're on the 3rd screen and export tracks try this:


Click Export Tracks

When the box pops up click the Edit box at the end of Output Settings

When the next box pops up click on Filename/Folder Structure

That should change the page to where you can set the file stucture how you want.

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