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Help! My Ps3 Cant Read A Bluray Video Made With Toast 11



Hi Guys! The reason of this message is the following. Yesterday Ive created a Bluray Video from my last trip.


It plays perfectly in my Mac Pro but the problem comes when i put the disc inside my PS3 Slim. All the screen goes black -as if the video is about to start- and then nothing happens. The Archive is called -in the PS3- "Mi Pelicula" (My Movie) The playing time says "0.00.00" an nothing is happening. The only way to stop that black screen is by pressing stop.


I was wondering what I am doing wrong. Since i thing ive followed all the steps to burn a home bluray video. The Original Video is an uncompressed quicktime that plays perfectly inside the video player of Roxio Toast 11


The Original Source of the Video is 25 fps. So I dont know if that is one of the problems in the first place


Please i would appreciate your help since i really want to watch my home movies in my ps3 or other bluray players.


Thanks a lot!



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You may need to provide us with the step by step instruction you did to create your blu-ray disc. Creating a bu-ray disc should be as easy as selecting the Blu-ray Video project located in the drop down menu of the Video format (I'm assuming you have the Toast blu-ray plug-in installed). Drag your video file to the content area. You may add disc options from the Toast Media Browser and then burn to a blu-ray disc which should play fine in your PS3 or any other BD player.

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