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Burn Speed



i have the burn speed turned down to 2x as if any higher the discs wont work in the dvd player. I have not altered the burn speed but when i am encoding then burning the speed is going up to x7 with an average of 5. this has resulted in my discs not working. This has happened in the last couple of days but has been ok since i updated to the latest version.


Please help. I have stated x2 and even x1 in the settings but still getting the high speed.




S :angry:

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To adjust the proper burn speeds Toast needs to recognize a mounted blank media. From the Recorder Settings located in the Record menu you would select the Write Speed menu located under the "Basic" tab. With the blank media inserted into the drive Toast will display the supported write speeds in bold text. The write speeds displayed in italics or as unbold are unsupported speeds which will not be used by Toast.

If you are selecting write speeds prior to inserting the blank media, Toast will default to "Best" and attempt to write the maximum speed which the media can handle.

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