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Noise Reduction And Video Stabilizing


According to website info on "Easy VHS to DVD 3 Plus" the user can use noise reduction and video stabilizing. After ready the "Getting Started Guide", the steps are not explained. So where and how can this be done on a video or VHS capture? Is there another user guide that explains this?

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You will laugh when I show you :lol: (I had to ask too ;) )


Right at the top is a drop bar:



It has 2 Tabs - Add Title and Enhancements (noise, stabilize & color):



Enhancements have some more options:



Stabilize has Options:



You can set how much Zoom you need:



And you can tinker with Color:




For most of us, we only need to stabilize a portion of a clip...


In that case we will need ot Add and Trim enough copies of the same clip to accomplish this.


It can seem a little tedious in the following I have Stabilized the portion between 5:00:13 and 7:00 but the rest was OK:










Play with it a little but come back and ask question before you get frustrated ;)

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That is funny. Thank you for your response. I did find it. This should be included in the user guide. Thank you again.

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