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Roxio Photosuite

Gig A.


Am trying to resize a photo orig. size 1063x1150 in Photosuite scrn shot attached.post-21647-0-94508700-1350605158_thumb.jpg


To EXACTLY 600x600 pixels for a US Government application which states photo must be EXACTLY 600X600 pixels.


Tried doing a cutom crop in Photosuite, picked CUSTOM, pixels 600x600 scrn shot attached. post-21647-0-88363100-1350605198_thumb.jpg


but when it ACTUALLY crops it, it crops to 600x649 scrn shot attached.post-21647-0-40976700-1350605232_thumb.jpg


How can I crop this pic so it's EXACTLY 600X600 PER GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES?



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Hi Gig A try this,


WIth PhotoSuite open, select FIle > New > New Canvas. When the New Canvas Dialog opens, fill in the following values:


Select a Canvas Size: Custom Size

Width: 600

Height: 600

Units: Pixels

Orientation: Portrait


This sets up your canvas to be 600 x 600 pixels.


Click OK


Now, select File > Insert Photos and Cutouts


Navigate to your image and select it, and click Add. This adds the image to your 600 x 600 canvas.


Use the sizing handles at the corners to drag your image to the size that will fit in the canvas. (Drag with the corner handles not the side handles so you keep the correct aspect ratio.) You can hover your mouse over the image to get the Hand tool and drag and adjust to get the image centered how you want. Anything outside your 600x600 boundary will get cropped off.


You should be able to now save your image in the required format at the correct size.


Of course, as GPBruce points out, the pros are always an option depending on how critical the job is :)

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I did eactly what your instructions were and iit worked out GREAT! I know have a photo EXACTLY 600x600 per the govt. guidelines.

Can't thank you enough for your help and my friend who I'm doing this for will be elated, he's tried many, many other people who couldn't figure out how to do it..




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