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Emc 7.0 Can Not Write To Dvd




I just had to rebuild my dads PC he uses Photosuite platinum and EMC 7.0. Before the rebuild he could write to dvds but since the rebuild photosuite only seems to be able to write to CD. I have installed the patch 7.0.430.0. I know the dvd drive works ok as I can write to it using other software.


Am I missing something?


I will be very grateful of any help!!





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When you rebuilt the pc, did you change the operating system? PhotoSuite would only work with Xp. It is not compatible with Vista, W7 or W8. Sometimes the program will work for awhile and then not work again. This happens even if there is no rebuild or uninstall/install of the program.


Here are some things to look at.


Did you look at the pxengine install. Go here and follow the instructions especially #6. #$^@, that link is broken. Try this one:

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The pxengine you linked him to is for version 7.5 and above.


Here is a list of compatible software titles:
  • Easy Media Creator 7.5 and higher
  • VideoWave 8 and higher
  • MyDVD - all versions
  • RecordNow - all versions
  • DVD for Photostory
  • DVDit - all versions
  • BackUp MyPC - all versions
  • Simple BackUp - all versions


He would need the old version 3_00_58a # 7 in my signature. 7.click here Drive Not Recognized By Roxio, PX Engine 3_00_58a. Old Version

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