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Can Anyone Help Me Decide On The Hd Pro?



I have a few questions about the Roxio HD Pro that I've seen some problems with on the forums, but wasn't sure if they were just problematic for the single person.


1) I do a lot of live commentary while recording gameplay and I was wondering if a live commentary option can/will be implemented through some sort of a firmware update or something like that? I don't have a big problem using a separate program for audio, but it's just simpler and more in-sync to use one.


2) Does the HD Pro work with a DVI-HDMI output into a monitor? (XBOX -> HDMI(input) -> CAPTURE CARD -> HDMI(output) -> HDMI-DVI converter -> PC MONITOR) Currently that's how I play my Xbox and it works, with a set of Turtle Beach headphones plugged into an audio adapter in the back of the Xbox, and the HDMI going into the monitor. I've seen some errors on the forums from people saying that it doesn't work and they get black screens when using the card in the middle, but simple signal from the Xbox without the card in the middle works fine. I guess my question for this is, does the card work with a HDMI-DVI converter? I don't have an HDMI input TV and don't want to drop an extra $200-$300 along with a Capture Card.


3) I also livestream every now and then and I was wondering pretty much the same as the live commentary, can the livestreaming be fixed with some sort of a firmware update? My streaming software is Xsplit as I like to add a webcam/overlays/etc. but I've read that Xsplit does not yet pick up the HD Pro source, and the screen region capture lags behind.



TL;DR I'm looking for an HD Capture Card but I'm wondering if the live commentary/livestreaming can be fixed with a firmware update in the future, and also if the card works with a HDMI->DVI output to a monitor.


Thanks, any help is appreciated. I haven't looked at any other cards on the market so I'm hoping to get some good responses from this as I know this is a fairly new card.

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Pretty rare for anyone from Roxio to post here... The exception is Ivan but his is mostly confined to getting things working.


An Overview is located HERE.


Otherwise (my opinions):


1. Commentary is troublesome. You can capture from streaming but not from your PC mic! (you can record it separately and add it into the captured file) Fix??? Maybe, sometime down the road


2. Yes, don't see a problem there... Although, due to the lag, you cannot expect to play using the Capture Screen, but you should be able to start capture, and switch your Monitor Source to the HDMI port of the Monitor which is connected to the GameCAP Pass through


3. NO... at least for now.
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