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Toast 11.1.072 Crashing In Lion On Hitting "burn" Button

Andy Driscoll


I have now tried installing and reinstalling Toast Tit. 11.1 several times since upgrading to Lion and upgrading from TT 11.04. Every time I hit the "Burn" button, the app crashes and restarts and the cycle begins again - and again - and again. Only reversion back to 11.04 allows me to burn discs (no matter what type) in TT.


I use Toast a great deal for burning music for my radio program - and while previous versions have not been entirely friendly to all aspects of Mac, this is impossible.


I have seen posts elsewhere that mention this crashing business in Lion. What is up and why haven't complaint spawned investigations and repair?


MacPowerBook 2010 / OSX 10.7.5 / 8GB RAM / 350GB HD


Thanks. AD

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It sounds like you may have conflicting toast preferences. Try the following steps to remove your preferences.

- Quit Toast

- Mouse click on the "Go" menu and then click the "Option" key

- Select the "Library" option

- Scroll down and select the "preferences" folder

- Remove the 2 "com.roxio.Toast" files

- Remove the Roxio Toast preferences

- Close the folders and re-install Toast.

Hopefully refreshing your preferences will resolve your issue.

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One thing that users report causes Toast 11.1 to crash is having zero seconds set as the default audio CD gap in Toast preferences. I thought they fixed this, though. It also is only an issue when burning audio CDs. The zero-second gap can be set in the audio CD window without any crash.

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