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My Very Own Rant

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How about how the 2012 product wouldn't work properly if you had more than ONE display on your system?? Since I've been using dual (24") LCD's on my system, I've yet to have the main Roxio launcher work. It crashes each, and every, time I try to run it. I CAN run the individual applications, but not from a central/single starting point.


My system spec's are more than enough to handle the software. It's a flaw within the Roxio application that is the issue here. IF this has been fixed, then I'm willing to concider purchasing the new version. Otherwise, I fail to see any point to it.

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You started a Topic on this HERE and as soon as the facts no longer supported your wild claim, you stopped responding :huh:


MANY of us run dual or triple monitors and have no troubles...


Something you are doing is wrong but unless you can reel in your rage and discuss this, your not going to get it to work and it is not a Roxio issue.


If you could describe, step by step, and indicate WHICH specific program ("Roxio" has about 40 in the Suite) and your results, then we can try to duplicate and offer solutions.

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I'm talking about the MAIN app that you use when you launch from the programs list. "Roxio Creator 2012 Pro"


As for it being over here... I stopped responding due to the lack of anyone actually giving any comments other than Roxio's s**t doesn't stink.


EVERY other application that's installed on my system runs 100% correctly. So for you guys to say it's on this end, is bull. Of course, the orignally posted comment about how Roxio DOESN'T support multiple display configurations seriousl p*ssed me off... The comment about it not being a common enough configuration didn't help.


I might be reinstalling everything in the next few months. Waiting for the drive I want (Intel SSD) to get for the OS, and such, to go a bit lower in cost. Although I'm sure someone will comment about the drive controller being the source of the issue or some other nonsense.


Maybe if someone from ROXIO SUPPORT would actually be helpful, it would change my view. When I was using apple systems, I had no issue with the Roxio products. Sad to say i've not had the same experience since dumping apple.

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Tone the language down or this post will cease to exist.


Of course, the orignally posted comment about how Roxio DOESN'T support multiple display configurations


I don't see that comment in this post or your other.


Oh, and by the way, no change when going down to just one display... So that blows a rather large hole in that theory...


And you proved it wasn't a dual display issue anyway.


You have other issues.


Have you tried running a repair with antivirus/firewall and all other programs shut off?

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This is not Roxio Support ~ we are just fellow users like yourself...


Be glad to help you, but you will have to put your attitude aside.


You tested with One Monitor and it worked!


Others have stated that it does work with multiple monitors!


No other user has this problem!


In the face of all those facts how can you possibly contend it is a Roxio flaw :huh:


From what you just said, the only problem is that the main interface does not start. Is that correct?


If so we can work on that with you, your choice ;)

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