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- Long time photographer & computer user - no novice to this type of program.

Recently started using Photoshow and have two initial comments to make:


Holy Crap ! - More annoyances than Windows Vista ! :angry:


1) My pic files are in many folders - by subject

- and none are in the "my pictures" folder..

( 392 folders with 60 to 840 pics in each --- to be exact )


Why can't I scan some pics from each one - or at least a few from 2 or 3 different ones,

to create a "2012 Family Highlights" show ?

-Only choice is "pick a folder & load from this one only" - build a show from here,

then start all over with a new folder & add some more.

- This limits me to a tiny fraction of what I want to include,

unless I move/copy files on my hard drive into one folder.

-- NOT a reasonable, or convenient extra time-consuming step.


None of the 6 other products of this kind that I have looked at,

have this limitation !


2) Locked into Roxio formula -

- pre-installed baby pics & travel shots are included in every show that I try to make.

Why is this happening?

- Added title info is NOT wanted - but it's there anyway.

No way to create my own title page.

- Music NOT wanted - but it's there anyway.

How do I get rid of this junk?

Tried "edit Photoshow" & "music & photos" tab - no help !


NO other product of this type has these glitches !


No help in forums...

Deleted & re-installed the program , with same results.

I have used several other Roxio products in the past and have been very satisfied with them


Writing this here because the only way to let Roxio know that I don't like this product,

is an email to the tech support guys --

this is not a tech problem : it's an attitude & design problem.


--- Please do NOT assume that all your potential customers are simpletons that need to be

locked into only one way to do a job, or that one size fits all.

That's Microsoft's problem. That's why Apple, Linux, etc... are constantly gaining market share.

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What version of PhotoShow are you using? I have PhotoShow 6 and none of you claims/comments is correct.


1-It is simple to add photos from any folder on your system. You can add a single photo from a folder, several photos at a time or even the whole folder.

2-I have no idea what you mean by "baby pics & travel shots are included in every show". Please explain this.

3-You can easily create you own title page including background picture.

4-Music can easily turned off for each picture. I will admit though the default should be "No music" instead of the canned audio now added automatically.


So all your comments are incorrect. If you need help then please ask for it but do not make unsubstantiated claims. I don't know what you mean by "no Help" in the forum. Did you ask for any before?

This is not Roxio tech support but a users forum. Roxio employees seldom look in here.

PhotoShow is meant for quick and simple slideshows and it works very well for that.

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Dear curious. You are comparing a program that does only one thing -make PhotoShows with a true video editing program. Look at Creator NXT especially the Edit Video -Advanced and Create DVD part so that suite of software. PhotoShow cannot be compared to such things such as Pinnacle, Corel, Cyberlink, Adobe etc true video and image editing programs.


If you bought PhotoShow, run to get your $$ back if you can or get it from Corel if you bought it on-line. You have 30 days if you bought it on-line.


Take a look at some of these videos (link) on the use of Edit Video Advanced aka Video Wave to see what is possible with Video Wave for slide shows. Creator uses a multiple step process rather than an all-in one application to then take the project to a DVD. You would use "Create DVD". You can make you own menu or not and or do all kinds of other things. I don't have a good video to show you on that step but it is equivalent to what you would see in other programs.


Did I answer your questions and concerns? Did I clarify that there are different Roxio (or Corel) programs to give you what you are looking for? Please don't dump and run. come back and ask more questions and to tell us if we have clarified the programs.

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