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Mp4 Conversion Not Working



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I am trying to convert my Photoshow to a MP4 video file so that I may download it to my desktop and then upload it to our youtube account.


However, the MP4 process never works - i.e. I never get any emails that the file has been burned. I've tried several times now and customer service won't answer my emails. :(


Is there a more direct approach to getting my videos into youtube? Thanks

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That mp4 conversion is hit or miss and more miss than hit.


I assume you are using Version 6 on line but that you have the desktop version of V6. You can download the PhotoShow to your desktop version and then in the share step, you can select to make a video file - mpg or wmv. Wmv is probably better. Once that is made, you can upload the video to YouTube using their uploader.


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FYI, mp4 files are very particular on how they are converted. A lot of people don't understand there is an mp4 file format and an mp4 codec. If you have having problems, try converting to something that works for you, such as wmv file, and then use this to convert to mp4 file:




I've been using it for a while and it works wonders. Just make sure you are converting to high quality the first conversion and then high quality again to mp4. The software is free and they have a ton of presets. I've been using their software to convert Quicktime mov files with the photo jpeg codec for videos I've been downloading here:




Since youtube.com wants mp4 files, I convert them to mp4 files rather than keeping them Quicktime mov files. The site offers the videos in a high quality format so doing the conversion doesn't downgrade the quality all that much.


I put them into my photo slideshow project with a compatible format using the freemake software. Video has a lot of different file formats and different codecs and all of it can get really confusing. Try to stick with one format or system that works. It will take a lot of trial and error though and combing through the forums do help, which I do a lot. Hope that helps.

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