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Where Is The File



Version 201B23A

I just recorded a 8mm video, about 1.5 hours worth. I wasn't at the PC when the recording ended. When I got to the PC, there was no way to export the just recorded file. (no export button) Is this file still on the hard drive somewhere, and if so where? If it is there, is there any way to turn it into an .mpg file?


I have not terminated Easy yet. I have successfully exported several small files off of this tape because in some circumstances the video signal quits when there are breaks in the video. It will continue to record over short breaks but a break of a few seconds will kill the video.

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??? Good Question :huh:


No telling what goes on when we turn out backs to our PC's :lol:


First, I assume you are at this screen and nothing is showing in the video list?




Let's look in the usual places... Under Preferences, we can see the Default location:




And if we go there in Windows Explorer (I got there through the Video Library ;) ) we should see any files that were captured:




I hope that works, otherwise, you will have to capture again...

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Yes, I was at that screen. I did look in the captured file location, only the files i had already recorded and exported were there. Oh well, but I have a nagging feeling there is a multi gigabyte file on my hard drive somewhere. Record again it is, thanks for the reply.

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