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What In The World Do I Do Now



So around 2 weeks ago i bought a roxio game capture card the pro one and then a week and a half later i got around to trying to install it on my computer when all of a sudden it asked for a product key not knowing where to find it i searched the website found out it should be on the sleeve of installion disc well all i have is a serial number? is that the same thing... i thought soo and when i plugged the keys in said incorrect. What in the world do i do now?

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Shouldn't make any difference, although one is from Chicago and the other in the Netherlands...


The common mistake that we all make with the label is typing "o" for "0" or "1" for "l" :huh:


It will be on the back of the Envelope and I would expect it is the first one listed. It is variously called "CD Key" or "Product Key"


They are all Uppercase so that will help, AND they are printed in 5 blocks of 5 characters...


A magnifying glass does wonders! Carefully enter 5, check 5. Then the next block.


Remav1c: Please note that error you mention in the Topicyou started has nothing to do with CertainOyster's problem and the suggestion I outlined will not make any difference...

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