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Rock 022

Where Did My Movie Go?


I was able to complete a two hour recording, and trimmed it too. When I clicked save it said that I had an invalid name for the movie and... that was it. I can't find the movie anywhere. The video went blank after that and it was ready for another recording.


"Edit" I downloaded the software today and was able to update it. Roxio Video Capture Version 2.0.1 (134)

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Ok, so being that it was my first video, it seems that you may not change the name after the recording is done, I have not tried this with other recordings. I never saw the "cancel" or "do not save" button. I have recorded many other videos succesfuly and had deleted unwanted video. The HDD space remaining bar has changed when I delete videos, I wished I had paid attention to this bar in the first recording, this would have given me a clue to know if the video remained in my HDD or not.

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