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Pauses Put At End Of File? (Cd Tracks)





I am using Toast 11.0.4 (waiting for 11.1 to get updated since it kept crashing after making copies.)


I thought that when Toast added a pause to a track in an audio CD that it makes, that it would add them at the beginning of each track. I have just noticed that it is not doing that. It is putting them at the end of the previous file.


How can I make it put them at the beginning? I realize that the first track has to have a 2 second pause so I will be sure my source files have the adequate amount of time so that I get at least 5 seconds for that track.


I have set 5 seconds for the pause length of all tracks (except the first which we can't set) on the main window. I have also set the pause in Options -> More -> Track -> track pause window for 5 seconds and hit "apply all." All either seem to do is add 5 seconds to the end of the previous track.


Thanks for any help.





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I see this differently. The pause is between tracks. There is nothing added to the tracks. If you insert your audio CD or a .sd2f file in the Toast Convert window with Audio Files selected as the format you'll see that any exported tracks have no silence added at the beginning or the end. I don't know how you are determining that the gap is at the end of one track or at the beginning of the next one. It is between them and not part of them.

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