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Huge Delay When Livestreaming



Loving the product but I have a terrible problem with the delay when I livestream. Sometimes the livestream is around 10-20 minutes behind my actual gameplay. What's worse is that if I stop streaming, the recording won't go beyond where the stream is.


For example, if I'm actually on minute 59 but the stream is at minute 43 and I click the stop streaming button, the stream ends at minute 43. Cutting off 16 minutes of gameplay.


I've downloaded SP1 and fooled around with different bitrates and I can't fix this problem. Please help, any advice is greatly appreciated.

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I too am having this problem after playing a game and stopping my stream I go and look at my work and where the stream stopped was still on the last game I played before the one I just finished.


My friend says he only has about 10 sec delay but I don't know for sure.

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